19,000+ integrations and growing!

Anomaly Detection

When you first integrate your accounts we’ll let you know if there are any anomalies that need to be addressed.  Our proprietary algorithms will continue monitoring your financials giving you peace of mind and saving you time.   Big data and machine learning are technologies enabling us to provide more in depth analysis and insights that are usually missed.

Automated Financial Reports

Once you setup your accounts you will be able to generate reports easily.  We believe technology should enable us to do more without adding more business overhead.   Our mission is to provide superior quality financial assurance services that accountants recommend, regulators trust, investors believe in, and businesses value.   Please feel free to reach out and contact us to find out more.

Let us help with the technology

Our company provides technology based financial services, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, accountants, auditors, and investors. We’ve helped them save time and money with their financial assurance. Contact us today, we love helping our clients with technology.